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2018 Football Question Challenge

Want to make watching the "Big Game" more fun?


Our world famous questions game is back. Simply answer questions about different things that will happen during the game. If you're not a football guru, that's ok too. Many of the questions aren't even about football. Over 300 of you played last year. Thanks for your support!

There are 2 ways to play:


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You are more than welcome to use the question list we put together. The questions are listed below. We will update the answers on this website the Monday AFTER the Superbowl.

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Due to popular demand, we made an additional option available again for the 6th year.

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1 1 What will be the result of the cointoss? HEADS
2 1 Which team will Win the cointoss? PATRIOTS
3 2 Will the singing of the National Anthem by PINK be longer than 1:50? YES
4 5 Will the first commercial after the kickoff be for an alcoholic Beverage? NO
5 2 Will the first offensive play be a pass? YES
6 3 Which team will enter the 'Red Zone' (20 yrd line) first? EAGLES
7 1 Will announcers Al Michaels or Chris Collinsworth say "City of Brotherly Love" at any point during the game? NO
8 2 Will any points be scored in the first 5:00 minutes of the game? NO
9 2 Will the first score of the game be a Touchdown? NO
10 5 Which team will score the first touchdown? EAGLES
11 2 Will Tom Brady score a rushing TD? NO
12 3 Which team will score the first fieldgoal? EAGLES
13 2 Which team will punt first? EAGLES
14 1 With the game being in Minnesota, will they show the Mall of America at any point during the game? NO
15 3 Will both teams Score in the First Quarter? YES
16 5 Which team will be winning at halftime? EAGLES
17 5 Will more than 24 pts be scored by halftime? YES
18 2 Will the first commercial after the second half kickoff be for an alcoholic Beverage? NO
19 2 Will anyone other than Nick Foles or Tom Brady attempt to throw a pass in the game? YES
20 2 Will the Budweiser Clydesdales make an appearance in a commercial? NO
21 1 Will the words DILLY DILLY be heard during a commercial? YES
22 1 Will coach Belichick (NE) be wearing a Hoodie during the game? NO
23 1 Will President Trump tweet at any time during the game? NO
24 2 Will there be a safety in the game? NO
25 2 Will there be a successful coach's challenge in this game? (ruling on the field reversed) NO
26 2 Will there be any Touchdowns Scored by the Defense or Special teams? NO
27 2 Will there be a successful field goal of 45 yards or longer? YES
28 2 Will there be a missed fieldgoal in the game? YES
29 2 Will there be a missed extra point in the game? YES
30 2 Will there be an onside kick 'attempt' in the game? NO
31 2 Will there be a successful 2 point conversion in the game? NO
32 1 Will Justin Timberlake's opening song be: Can't Stop The Feeling? NO
33 3 Will any points be scored in the last 2 minutes of the Fourth Quarter? YES
34 3 Which half will more points be scored in? SECOND
35 5 Which team will have the most total yards? PATRIOTS
36 2 Which team will have the greatest time of possession? EAGLES
37 2 Which team will have the most turnovers? -
38 1 Will the Patriots be penalized more than four times during the game? (Penalties must be accepted) NO
39 2 Which team will have the most penalties in the game (in yardage)? EAGLES
40 2 Who will throw more Interceptions, Tom Brady (NE) or Nick Foles (PHL)? FOLES
41 2 Will LeGarrette Blount (PHL) have more rushing yards than Dion Lewis (NE)? YES
42 2 Will Nick Foles (PHL) complete a pass of 35 yards or more? YES
43 2 Will Zack Ertz (PHL) have more receiving yards than Rob Gronkowski (NE)? NO
44 2 Will Danny Amendola (NE) catch a touchdown pass? NO
45 3 Will more points be scored in the THIRD or FOURTH Quarter? THIRD
46 5 Will the New England PATRIOTS win by more than 5.5 points? NO
47 10 Which team will win the game? EAGLES
48 10 Will there be more than 48.5 pts scored in the game? YES
49 2 Which team will score LAST in the game? EAGLES
50 1 Will Tom Brady (NE) be the MVP? NO
Tiebreaker #1: The number of questions that you answer correctly above.
Note: This will automatically calculate.
Tiebreaker #2: Enter the Total Pts scored in Superbowl

Thanks for Playing!
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